Health Program


Hope Foundation is currently implementing 4 major projects as part of its Health Program:

HIV/AIDs Prevention Education and Community Mobilization:

HIV/AIDs Education and Community Mobilization Program is designed to provide basic information on HIV/AIDs so that people can make informed choices. This is done through training of Peer educators who will in turn train other members of the community; and the creation of an action plan by the community to focus their energies to combat HIV and improve their quality of life.

Rural Health Project:
This project aims at improving the health practice and knowledge of the rural people through dissemination of health information such as simple hygiene methods, first aids, and provision of basic health facilities to the people in the rural areas. Mobile Health workers provide simple healthcare services during these programs.

Safe Motherhood (A Bottom-Up Approach):
With maternal and child mortality on the increase, education and participation is essential, especially for people living in the rural areas with limited access to medical care. Therefore, in collaboration with Vocational Training Centers (VTC’s), we have designed a program to educate the community on Safe Motherhood practices and basic hygiene. This is done through training of Health teams who will in turn train members of the community. The community is then led to create a health model which when implemented would gradually improve basic hygiene and ultimately reduce mother and child mortality in their area.

Breast and Cervical Screening Programme:

According to the World Cancer Research Fund Organization, breast cancer is the most common cancer in women worldwide with nearly 1.7 million new cases diagnosed in 2012 while cervical cancer is the second most common cancer in women. Breast cancer is the most common cause of death worldwide for females. Hope Foundation offers breast and cervical early detection screening programme, such as Mammograms, Clinical Breast Exams, Pap Smear and HPV tests (Human Papilloma Virus). Hope Foundation advises women to have yearly mammograms beginning at age 40. Every woman aged 30 – 65 years to get Pap and HPV co-testing every 5 years or Pap Smears alone every 3 years. Women 21- 29 years should be screened with pap test every 3 years. Hope Foundation also offers HPV vaccination for girls and young women aged 9 -26 years which protects them from HPV that causes 70% of cervical cancers and other HPV diseases.


breastscreening2We offer affordable, efficient, effective health care services: Mammography, Pap smear, Family Planning, Immunization, other radiological services and development programs.