Democracy and Political Empowerment Program


The mobilization and leadership of women and other members of the community to be actively involved in projects, community development, democracy and governance to build a progressive Nigeria.

Women Democracy and Governance Project:
We desire to enable women; the project is aimed at meeting various objectives such as the self-actualization/economic empowerment of women. The activities will promote women human rights as a justice issue, the abolition of harmful widowhood rites, reducing or outright abolition of obnoxious cultural/traditional practices against women. The staff of this program encourage freedom of speech among women in every society and the involvement of women in decision making bodies at all levels of governance in Nigeria. We desire to enabling women to form strong and viable negotiating groups or bodies in their communities, to enable their voice not only to be heard but to be recognized. We believe by educating majority of women on their civic and political responsibilities in the various communities and encouraging them to demand for such rights.

Leadership Development Project:
Is designed to empower the leadership of a community-based group in order to enhance their leadership skills, enable them facilitate their development process effectively and strengthen the internal cohesion and effective management of the groups.

Community Sensitization/ Mobilization Workshops for Grassroots Project Implementation:
As the name implies, the program aims at sensitizing and mobilizing group/community members towards full participation/involvement in a project to ensure its success and sustainability. The people are brought together to initiate community development projects through the creation of a common vision and mobilize them to contribute their resources towards the successful execution of the projects